Authentic Relating

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All the way from Austin, Texas, the delightful AR Chief Catalyst:

Sara Ness

when: Thu, 19th May 2022, 6pm
where: Brighthelm Centre, Brighton

Authentic Relating .

A New Way ...

of getting to know others

of getting to know your true self

to create deep and meaningful connections

A new way of being...

AR Games are

3 hour workshop
in central brighton

Mark The Day! 19th May

Show up as you are, everyone welcome!

create deep connections in a safe environment - playful

Authentic Relating is often experienced by playing Games. These are easy, short experiential “games” that create connection through play that elicits empathy, self-discovery, openness and curiosity.


Q&A with Sara Ness

& Geof Krum

no previous experience necessary

Limited Spaces

or stay up to date and

The event is a co-production of Authentic Revolution, Togetherness and H. Schmitz.

If you experience hardship of any kind and need help to attend, don’t hesitate to write us!

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